Our Research

Ill Inc. began as a research consortium of academic and industry professionals, working in areas which require text analysis on a grand scale. As an eclectic gathering of Linguists, Attorneys, Subject-Matter Experts, Research Specialists, Programmers and others, we hold in common the idea that the most productive methods result from the combined expertise and insight from a variety of fields. Collaborative research is paramount to us here at IllInc. We pride ourselves as being an outlet for sharing knowledge, scholarship, projects, and data with a larger community of researchers and investigators.

Here are a few of our favorite collaborators:

Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech, PhD:

Beth-Anne holds a doctorate from the University of Georgia in Public Policy, an M.B.A .from York University, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from MacMaster University. She is an assistant professor at the Glenn School of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the organizational, financial, and institutional characteristics that support innovation. For more information, please visit her profile on LinkedIn.

Lamont Antieau, PhD:

Lamont is a contributing member of Ill Inc. He received his doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Georgia and has since worked in the fields of e-discovery, biomedical informatics, and speech synthesis. He is generally interested in variationist theory with a specific interest in the dialects of American English, and his dissertation fieldwork was conducted in rural Colorado. He has recently co-authored a textbook on linguistic diversity in the United States with Susan Tamasi entitled Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us: An Introduction. For more information, please visit his profile on LinkedIn.

Trevor Thrall, PhD:

Trevor is an associate member of Ill Inc. He holds a PhD in political science from M.I.T. and is Associate Professor of Government and Politics and director of the Graduate Program in Biodefense at George Mason University. His current research focuses on measuring the changing nature and quality of political communication across traditional and new media contexts on issues such as international human rights and nuclear proliferation. For more information, please visit his profile on LinkedIn.

Corporate Partners

Global Education Group

Our foreign credential evaluation partner. Global Education Group offers high quality and affordable foreign credential evaluation, work experience and translation services. Its primary clientele are immigration law firms, corporations, schools, colleges and universities that require evaluation or translation assistance for their foreign-educated or foreign-trained employees, students or applicants. The company also has significant experience in assisting with RFE responses for H-1B visa and other USCIS-related immigration matters.

Visit Global Education Group.

Legal Translation Group

Our large-scale, legal and technical content translation partner. Legal Translation Group specializes in large-scale documentation, website and data file translation in all languages for corporate, legal/research firms and universities worldwide. The company has an expertise in legal and technical content translation and is dedicated to providing accurate and timely translations of documentation, websites, media/marketing packages and other materials no matter the complexity.

Visit Legal Translation Group.