How are our services different?

Everything we do, we do to uncover critical, case winning information buried in a sea of documents and electronically stored information. We will help you discover investigative leads that will transform your case. If it's in there, we will find it and we will find it fast. When you need the answer now, we will provide it.

We have tried and tested products and services for a full range of assessment and investigative needs in everything from collection strategy to finding that smoking gun.

What did they know, when did they know it and what did they do about it? Our expertise enables us to go directly into your collection and find the answers to the most important questions for your case. We want to reduce your collection from millions of pages to the most valuable documents you take into court. We find the documents that support your legal narrative and help you win your case.

  • Topical Investigation
  • Trend Investigation
  • Fact Witness Deposition Preparation
  • Language Similarity Investigation

High level assessments are a valuable road map to discovery and are crucial in determining the quality of your collection. What's in there? What's not in there but should be? Who is represented in your collection, who is missing? You know what you're sitting on before delving into the collection. Our expert reports provide this insight:

  • Communication Network Report
  • Statistically Significant Language Report
  • Negative Sentiment Association Report
  • Content Analysis Report

Cases are won or lost on the quality of document productions. You have one chance to get it right. Let us help you with:

  • Collection Sampling and Selection Methodology
  • Collection Format, Conversions and Archiving
  • Search Term Analysis and Recommendation
  • Predictive Coding Plan Review

Please contact us for a full list of services and products offered.